Coastal Cruiser

IMG_1877I am busy working on some Christmas presents for this year, because as we all know handmade presents are the best! First on my finishes for this year’s Christmas is a pillow for my brother in law.

My bother in law loves VW vans (well so does my Husband for that matter) and has been restoring one for the last few years. I knew when I saw the Coastal cruiser by Tula Pink pattern last year that it would be perfect for him, but at the time he was living with a bunch of guys and I had a feeling that a throw pillow would not be highly appreciated. He has since moved and I was told that his living room needed some color, so I am hoping this pillow will do trick.


The van is done in raw edge applique and I hand embroidered the logo before putting it on the pillow.  I love the way the colours turned out – like a van driving down the beach.  The only thing I think it is missing – a surfboard on the roof!

Well, that is one more thing to cross of my Finish a long list for this year! Now onto the second pillow!

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5 thoughts on “Coastal Cruiser

  1. I saw this over at NTT and just had to come take a look. It is adorable, and, as you said, looks just like a van driving on the beach. Your brother in law is sure to love it. It’s funny that you mentioned a surfboard because that is exactly what I thought too.

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  3. Hello, great work. And it’s funny – I don’t know where you come from… I’m from Germany and here Christmas is always associated with Winter, cold weather, snow and so on…. so it is very funny for me to notice one is making Christmas presents with beach or summer motifs… But who knows – while climate is changing perhaps some day even in Germany Christmas and Summer are going together? Most I love the VW-Motif. Kind regards, Annett

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