Finish Along 2014 Q3

Well, I am trying to make 2014 the year for getting some projects finished – my sewing room has become smaller, so I just won’t have the room for all my unfinished projects, nor the time I used to have to dedicate to them!  In an effort to keep working on projects and holding myself accountable for finishing them, I am joining in the Finish Along again!  I only completed about 1/2 my list last year, but that was better than finishing nothing and starting a bunch of new ones!

So for this quarter I have a couple of leftover projects and some new ones.

Paper Pieced

1. Hexagon pillow – I started this pillow over the summer and only have 8 more hexagons that have to be attached, then quilted to make the pillow cover.  As I am supposed to being doing a small demo on English Paper Piecing at my Quilt Guild Meeting in February I am hoping to have this  mostly done to show as part of the demo (adding borders, removing paper, ect).


2. Star Pillow – I need to get a pillow cover finished for this so it can go down on the reading bench to lean against!  My husband was nice enough to custom build the bench, so now I just need to finish up the pillows!


3. The baby Textures quilt – this still needs to be quilted and finished.  It has no real recipient, but it would be nice to be able to put it in the finished pile (and to have on hand for a last minute present, the number of people I know having kids seems to grow each week!).


4. Mom’s Pillow – After some renos last year, she is need of a pillow for some new furniture.  I am thinking a nice dresdren plate pillow would look great with the other grey and yellow flowers she has going on in the room.


5. Mystery Quilt – I made this quilt with the local guild this year and need to get it basted, quilted and bound.  I am hoping to use it as a Christmas present.


6. Star quilt – this is all nicely bound, it just needsto be quilted, in which case I need to pick a pattern to quilt it with.


7. Star of Bears – This quilt needs to be done in the next couple of weeks as the baby this is a present for is due Aug 5th!


8. Christmas Monkeys – this poor quilt keeps getting pushed behind other projects at every stage.  All that is left at this point is to bind it and remove all the basting pins!


That seems like a good list with a new baby in the house!

Finish Along 2014


Quilting Spirals

I haven’t been getting much sewing done lately as the weather has finally gotten nice out!  I have been getting the garden in and doing some spring cleaning around the house instead of working in the sewing room.  However I have been working on getting some projects finished, and they are slowly coming together.  This week I have been working on getting the quilting on a small quilt I started last month.  Quilting

Now I just have to figure out how I am going to finish.  I have two options I am thinking of, so hopefully I can decide between them (or I might just have to flip a coin) so I can get this project moved to the finished pile!



Linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday!  I love checking out all the projects people have going on – it keeps me motivated and inspired!

Guild Challenges Progress

Mystery quilt blocks

I am working at finishing up the top for the mystery quilt that I am doing with my local Modern Quilt Guild. I have now finished all the individual blocks and am getting ready to put them together! I can’t wait to see how this all comes together!

Micheal Miller Challenge Fabric

I have also started cutting into my Micheal Miller Fabric for the Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge. It is such pretty fabric that it took a bit for me to be able to cut into it, but I am liking how the design is coming together. This is the next quilt on my “must finish soon” list as the contest ends June 23, yikes!

MM Fabric Challenge

Work in Progress Wednesday

It feels so good to be back in the sewing room (and no longer marking exams!).  I have a few projects that I am not juggling as the deadlines are all coming up fast – one of these babies needs to be done in a little over a week for pick up and delivery to an expecting Mom in early May!  Apparently I know a lot of people having babies right now, so there are going to be a few baby quilts in my future.IMG_1863

First I am working on yet another Dr. Seuss quilt.  This time I am using a pattern from Jaybird Quilts – with my brain still a little tired from marking the last couple months, I wanted something easy with directions to follow!  I just finished basting this quilt, and have been starting at it for a day or so trying to decide what quilting to do on it (I have not been able to get a decent picture of the top due to the sewing room still being a disaster – not sure how I am getting anything done in there).  Due to timeline, I am thinking an all over stipple might be the way to go, but was debating using the interlocking squares like I did on the Seuss Pods quilt.  Oh the decisions!


Next on the list of projects to get done in the next week or two is another baby quilt – this time a grey and yellow quilt using the Breezy pattern from the book Growing up Modern.  I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I saw the book and couldn’t wait to make one!

I am hoping to get one of these moved into the finished category soon, so I can move onto the third baby quilt that I need to have made this summer and get caught up on my Quilt Guilds Mystery quilt (I am only 2.5 clues behind, lol).  Hopefully posting this and linking up to Work in Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and Needle and Thread Thursday at My Quilt Infatuation will keep me on track and motivated this weekend!  There are some great projects being worked on linked up this week!


Finally – a Finish!


It has been a while since I have been able to sit down at my sewing machine, let alone my computer to get anything quilt related done.  I took on a few new classes at work which kept me busy along with doing some renovations around the house.  Suddenly I looked at the calender and realized it was April – how did that happen?

I will be giving some updates on the two rooms of the house we have been working on soon (they are both finally close to being finished), and I finished marking finals yesterday, yay!  Now I can finally get back into the sewing room and get working on some projects that have been long neglected.

The above pillow has actually been finished for a while and was done for an improv quilting challenge with my local Modern Quilt Guild.  It was done with some 2″strips that were leftover from the HST quilt from a while ago.  I also tried some quilt as you go with this as I was putting the strips down.

I love the quilted pillow and it lives in one of the rooms we have been working on – I will post pics of it in its home soon!  Now I just have to get the other pillow I have been working on finished:

Paper Pieced

Finish A Long 2013 Wrap up

So 2013 has finished (well that was a few days ago actually….) and sadly I was not able to finish all the things on my list.  Christmas, travel and life seemed to take over all that free time I thought I was going to have once exams were finished.

10424-dsc_02732b4I was able to get 3 finishes check off the list:


The mug rugs were finished and sent off with my friend on her Christmas travels

Stars of Seuss

The Seuss Stars quilt was finished 2 weeks before the baby was born and able to be gifted to my coworker before she left work for the holidays (she ended up having a little girl on Christmas Day!).

seuss pod

The Pods of Seuss was finally finished as well and while it is at the house still, I know of a little baby on the way that I have in mind for this one as well now.

While the Christmas Monkey quilt was not finished this during 2013, it is basted and now 1/3 of the way quilted.  It took me forever to decide how to quilt it – I don’t want to know how many days I sat and starred at this quilt trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it and drawing out sketches.  I am happy with what I have picked – now I just have to finish it!

During the entire year of 2013 I was able to finish a total of 11 quilts!  I am happy with this as the fall turned out to be way busier than I had expected.  Not included in that count is all the other projects I worked on during the year, including a Quilt Bee (more on that later), a few rounds of the Scrappy Trip Along swap, a few pillow covers, mug rugs and pin cushions, finished quilt tops and started quilt tops that are sitting in various states of “in progress”.  All in all 2013 was a great year and I am looking forward to an exciting 2014!

Mug Rugs!


A friend of mine had requested some mug rugs to give to some family members for Christmas.  Well her plans changed and she ended up going to Europe to visit her Grandparents for the holidays (yay for her).  In all the haste of trying to get them to her in time, I forgot to take pictures – oops.  thankfully she was nice enough to take a few pictures for me before she left.

image-5 image-6

I did a few different designs, mostly whatever I felt like making when I pulled out the fabric.  Thankfully they turned out okay and my friend was pleased with them!  There is a mix of pieced and raw edge applique.

image-4 image-3

I am thankful I was able to finish these in time for her to take with her, and that I have a another project crossed off my WIP list and for the Finish along 2013.  As an added bonus, I was also able to use up some of my scraps as well.

image-2 image-1

Happy holidays everyone!  Hopefully I will get another finish in before the end of the year, but it is doubtful.