Seuss Stars

Stars of SeussOver the summer I found out one of my coworkers was pregnant.  I of course offered to make a quilt for the little one and got to work on planning.  They did not find out the sex of the baby, so I had to go with a gender neutral colour scheme.  Dr. Seuss is my go to for baby quilts anyways, so I just tried to keep away from too much blue and pink with the quilt.

Cat in the Hat

I cut out some squares from a panel and make wonky stars to go around each panel using mostly Dr. Seuss prints I had.  I then put the blocks on the design wall and started to fill in with the background around them until I had it at a size I was happy with.  The top was actually finished a couple of months ago, and then life got busy.  Marking started coming in and before I knew it we were almost through November.  Then I remembered that the due date of this little was in mid December – uh oh.  So amid the end of term marking I basted, quilted and bound this cute little quilt to insure it got to my coworker before her last exam (as I knew she couldn’t leave until then).

Quilted Star

The quilting came together quickly with a simple stippling with random stars thrown in.  I also love the contrast of the black and white in the star and binding, hopefully the baby finds it interesting as well!

Thankfully I was able to finish and gift this quilt to her the day before her students wrote the last exam of the semester.

Now that the marking is finished and the quilt is off to the soon to be parents I am crossing my fingers for a Dec. 23rd baby (that is my day in the baby pool!) and looking forward to meeting the little bundle in the New Year.

This is also my second finish for the fourth quarter of the 2013 Finish along!  Yay.



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