Abbey’s Bed

Abbey's Bed

There is a new bed in our house, and sadly it isn’t for me.  My dog Abbey has decided this summer that she likes to hang out with me in the quilting room, however she also likes to have something to sleep on.  After a couple of weeks of me getting her bed from another room in the house and bringing it into the quilting room so she would lay down and stop pacing or trying to steal whatever fabric I had laying around, I decided she needed a new bed.  Luckily I had a few scraps of Puppy Park fabric left over from the Doggy Daze quilt that would work.


I didn’t need anything very big so I cut out some 5.5″ squares and sewed them together.  I knew I wanted the quilt to be a little poofy so I used two layers of poly batting I had laying around.  Then there was the question of how to finish it.  I loved the way it looked without a binding (just the top on the design board), so I decided to try Red Pepper Quilt’s tutorial for finishing a quilt without a binding.  It worked like a a charm (although I would not recommend doing this normally with this batting – it was a little slippery).  I finished it off with a simple diagonal straight line quilting.

IMG_1681I love the way this turned out – and the colours fit into my sewing room perfect (she actually lays close to the bed which is home to the Squares of Eden).  Abbey loves her new bed and I am sure will be spending many hours on it.  It was hard to get pictures of it as anytime I set it down she immediately would come and sit or lay on it.  Silly puppy.

Quilt Stats:

Fabric: Puppy Park by Riley Blake

Size: 25″ x 30″


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