20 Years in the Making

Mom's finished quilt

Years ago when I was a little girl my mother took a quilting class.  I remember the fabric covering the dinning room and loving it even then.  Sadly after finishing the top, pinning the entire quilt and doing one row of quilting, she was never able to finish.  This quilt has sat in her closet for about 20 years unfinished.  As a child I would go and sneak a peak at the quilt, always being careful to to unwrap the whole thing.  I was fascinated and enthralled by the project, and would even try to steal the scraps of fabric that were leftover for various craft projects.  My mother has never touched a quilt since that first attempt, but as evidenced by this blog quilting has stuck with me all these years.

Currently my parents are in the process of redoing their bedroom.  I have always known that this quilt was supposed to go in their room, so I thought what would be a better birthday present for her than finishing her quilt?

When I received the quilt from my Parent’s home it was in rough shape.  The backing had been torn in areas and stained at some point over the years.  The poly batting had been tattered and pulled around the edges, so there was batting missing as much as 10 inches in from the edge in some places.  I proceeded to remove the quilting that had been done (with thick thread that resembled fishing line) and remove all the pins.  New backing and batting was ordered and I made an appointment at Sparrow Studios to rent a long arm.

Loopy Leaves Quilting

I love the way it turned out – the nice loopy leaves scrolling across the quilt goes nicely with the light fabrics and keeps it nice and soft.  It was very different that the diamonds she had originally started, so I was a little nervous of how she would like it.

In working with my Dad I was able to be on the phone with my Mom when she opened her new quilt and her reaction was great.  She was surprised at the different feel the new batting gave it, but loved the leaves.  She is now busily deciding how to decorate her room around the quilt!  I am happy that after 20 years she will finally be able to have her quilt on her bed.Moms Quilt

Happy Birthday Mom!


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