Scattered Squares

Scattered squaresOver the holidays when trying Craftsy classes (it is so nice that I can watch the videos at home by my sewing machine at 11pm when I get the urge to make something) I signed up for the Creative Quilt Backs by Elizabeth Hartmen.  I loved her class, and decided to also sign up for her Inspired Modern Quilts class.  This quilt is a mix from both classes.

For what I am calling the front of this quilt, I followed her directions for the Scattered Squares quilt from Inspired Modern Quilts.  I had 3.5” blocks leftover from my Gradations quilt and decided to go with that.  I went with the suggestion of getting a design wall (well I taped some batting to my wall) instead of laying things out on the floor this time.  (Sidenote: I love the design wall and actually ended up making myself a real one the next week!)

Scattered squares - back

For the back, I used some scraps from the Gradation Backing and from my stash along with some techniques and tips from Inspired Quilt Backs to make my first pieced quilt back.  I love how it turned out – especially as this could be a quilt a top it is so fun.

Quilting - atomic squares

For the quilting I used a design called Atomic Squares from Angela Walters book Free Motion Quilting.  It was fun to try out a new design, especially on a small project.  I love the way it looks with the squares on the front of the quilt.

Abbey and squaresI am not sure what I am going to do with this quilt, but apparently my dog likes it (she already has enough blankets including her own quilt – she doesn’t need this one too).


4 thoughts on “Scattered Squares

  1. Great quilt…front and back…or back and front. It’s reversible is what it is! I especially like the free motion quilting pattern that you used. It does look great with the squares.

      • Is that your first time doing free motion? It looks great! I’m going to try a double sided quilt for my kitchen table since I can’t find a tablecloth to fit it.

      • I have done some stippling on quilts before, and some loopy flowers, but this was the first time trying to make a set pattern while doing free motion quilting. I love the double sided aspect of the quilt and will have to try it more. Have fun making yours!

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