Race in the Woods

Walk in the Woods Quilting 1When I signed up for the long arm quilting class, I was told I would need a quilt to practice on – something that I wouldn’t be upset about if the quilting didn’t turn out great.  There weren’t any tops like that around the house – most that I was working on were presents for someone or had taken me quite a while to finish (for various reasons).  I had been wanting to play with some Walk in the Woods fabric and I had also been interested in trying a jelly roll race quilt after seeing so many at a local craft show a couple of months ago.  This seemed like a good project for the practice quilt – as I didn’t have any other reason to make it other than to practice quilting and it would be quick to put together.

Walk in the woods

I watched the video from the Missouri Quilt Co. on the jelly roll race quilt and got to work with my jelly roll.  I tried to mix up the colours as I was putting it together, but ended up with a lot of them matching up into “clumps” anyways.  I still like the final quilt, I just wish the reds were a little more spaced out.

The quilting was a pantograph, and it was really easy to follow once I got used to moving the machine around.  I like how the curves go well with the bows in the fabric (also used as the backing).

Woods quilting

I used the blue and white stripes for the binding, which I love.  I decided to not do a machine binding this time (I love the machine binding usually), so it took a couple of days to get it all sewn down, but it goes well and doesn’t take away from the quilting.I am happy this went well and I enjoyed quilting it on the long arm.  You can hardly tel which was my first pass across the quilt unless you look really close at it (and most people won’t!).  Thanks to Sparrow Studioz for all the help!


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