Gradations 2

A while ago I offered to make my brother a quilt, he was the only one in my immediate family that had yet to recieve on (Mom, Dad and Grandparents all have theirs).  When I asked what he wanted I was informed that he wanted something that wasn’t too busy and was done all in greys.  This stumped me for a while as I am a colour person, I didn’t know what to do with a quilt in all grey.  At first I thought maybe a version of Cherry House Quilt’s City Harbor done in grey. However, one day as I was getting ready to order fabric and trying to choose enough variations of grey to make it work, I came across this quit.

It was perfect, and I would need fewer versions of grey – less chance of me mixing one up and then having to rip out tons of seems!Gradations planning
I got to planning after that, as there was no pattern, I started drawing out a sketch to figure out how much of each fabric I would need to order.  I did calculations for a larger quilt first and then he decided a lap quilt would be good, so I just modified the size of the squares.  Now I guess if he ever does decide he needs one for his bed I have it all figured out – lol.

It was a breeze to piece together as it was all squares and was a nice change after the last big quilt top I finished (which will be posted soon!).

This quilt using a wool blanket as a batting – he specifically requested that as he loves the warmth and the weight, but not the scratchiness of the wool blankets.  Thankfully my mother in law was cleaning out her closets and had sent a few blankets to me.

Fabric from Connecting Threads

Fabric from Connecting Threads

I decided to quilt it with squares as I like how it went with the other lines in the quilt and the backing fabric.

It is now all ready and wrapped for Christmas – hopefully the blue isn’t too much color for him!



2 thoughts on “Gradations

  1. Really love your quilt – the simple yet striking design. Great for a “guy” quilt. The possibilities are endless. I’ve had good luck with designing a quilt slightly similar to this using an Excel spreadsheet. It makes it very easy to “move” squares and colors around. I am sure your brother will love it!

    • Thank you, I love how it turned out. Excel is great for planning – I have tried it for a few as well. Then I can make the computer do the math for me!

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