Emilia’s Quilt

Over the summer my cousin was here for a visit.  While she was here she was the lucky guest to use the spare room that doubles as my quilting room.  I know she has a little sewing machine at home and I had previously given her some doll quilts for Christmas so I let her know if she wanted to make a quilt I would finish it up and send it to her. She was interested in the idea so I gave her a pile of scraps and charm squares and let her lay out how she wanted it.

The first night we had trouble convincing her to go to bed before finishing her quilt, that it would still be there for her in the morning.  After supper the next day, I was asked if I could cut some fabric for her, upon entering the room I found the quilt had been completely redesigned!  She had checked out some of the other quilts in the house and decided she wasted to pull some ideas from them.  We didn’t have time to do any sewing while she was here, so we snapped a picture before she left.

I got to sewing after she left and ordered in a special fabric from connecting threads for the backing.  I put her name and the year it was made in the quilting for her along with some loopy flowers using the tutorial on Oh Fransson!.  It is now all boxed up and ready to be mailed off to Sweden.  I am hoping that it arrives in time for her birthday!


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