Ghastlies on Film

About a year ago I came across a tutorial for making a film strip quilt on Why not Sew and fell in love.   I had always liked Amanda Jean’s film strip quilt and had attempted to make one (in which I just didn’t like the layout and moved my squares around – it is almost finished after more than a year in the WIP pile).  This one however was more true to an actual filmstrip. I knew I wanted to make one, but didn’t really have any other plans for it.

Then I found the Ghastlies.  They were perfect for the pictures of a film strip and the large scale of print worked out great.  I got right to work and loved the results  The Ghastlies are so much fun and I loved trying to decide who I would put in the next picture.

One thing everyone says about this quilt is that the pictures are not all the same direction – some are horizontal and some vertical.  Personally I like this – just like a real film strip and no matter which way I happen to be using the quilt (tall or wide) some of the frames are in the correct orientation.

Despite my love for this quilt it is going to a good friend of mine who will love it.  The Ghastlies fit in with her illustration style and she loves photography with her old 35mm Canon camera!

I have some left over Ghastlies fabric so I might just have to make myself a matching quilt one day.

Windows: Ghastlies by Alexander Henry (various)
Film strip: Kona Charcoal
Small squares: Ghastly trees in mauve, Ghastlie  in mold green
Binding: Ghastly trees in Mold green
Background: Kona Medium Grey
Backing: Angel Wings by Ty Pennington


Check out other Ghastlies projects on Alidiza’s Ghastly Gathering!


3 thoughts on “Ghastlies on Film

  1. Oh My Ghastlies!!! Totally inspired, this is one of the cutest ideas I’ve seen yet:-) How can you not make one for yourself!?! Thanks so much for linking up!!!

    • Thank you, it was pretty hard to let go of. Thankfully I have lots of fabric leftover to play with for more Ghastly projects (I have a wonky block in the works right now!).

  2. Great idea! Look forward to seeing what else you think up for your ghastlies. Mine are still uncut as I’ve been devoid of good ideas. Obviously, you’re not suffering from the same 🙂

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