Helix Mini

I have been toying with the idea of making a DNA quilt for a while now.  When one of my friends heard about it she thought it was a fantastic idea and said she would love to have one.  I never really got around to making it – something always come up, baby quilts and presents.  However, she recently took a new job as an Assistant Professor with Montana State University (yay for her!).  I knew the perfect congratulations present would be a little quilt for her new office.

DNA mini quilt wall hanging.

I made this little quilt up as I went, arranging the pieces until I was happy and then appliqueing them on.  The backbone of the DNA helix is a double fold bias tape (1/2 inch wide) and the coloured bases are appliqued with fuseable web (lite steam a seam).  The quilting is a tight stiple as I wanted to make the applique stand out more.  There is a pocket on the back so that she can hang it.

I got this finished just days before she loaded up the  U-haul and started the drive down to Montana!  I am sure it will enjoy it’s new home in her office and I know she will do great with her new job!

Abbey checking out the DNA mini quilt.


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