The Cat in the Hat

Earlier this year I made a couple of Dr. Seuss quilts.  It started with making a baby quilt for my cousin who was pregnant (she now has a cute little girl Hannah).  Then I started playing with the scraps and made a Peek-a-boo bunting quilt with some of the scraps from A Cuppa and a Catchup.  I had loved this quilt and thought it would be a great small project to try some hand quilting on.  When I friend of mine saw the finished bunting quilt she fell in love with it and asked if I could make her one.  This one was going to be a baby shower present for one of her friends ( who works in the same building as us).  I knew I had more scraps and it wouldn’t be too hard, so I agreed.

I wanted to do something a little more interesting for the back as this was for a baby and not to hang on a wall like mine was.  I decided to use the Cat in the Hat panel for the back and added a little border to make it the right width.  I can’t decide if I like the front or the back better!  Hopefully the new baby will love it as well.


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