Finally – a Finish!


It has been a while since I have been able to sit down at my sewing machine, let alone my computer to get anything quilt related done.  I took on a few new classes at work which kept me busy along with doing some renovations around the house.  Suddenly I looked at the calender and realized it was April – how did that happen?

I will be giving some updates on the two rooms of the house we have been working on soon (they are both finally close to being finished), and I finished marking finals yesterday, yay!  Now I can finally get back into the sewing room and get working on some projects that have been long neglected.

The above pillow has actually been finished for a while and was done for an improv quilting challenge with my local Modern Quilt Guild.  It was done with some 2″strips that were leftover from the HST quilt from a while ago.  I also tried some quilt as you go with this as I was putting the strips down.

I love the quilted pillow and it lives in one of the rooms we have been working on – I will post pics of it in its home soon!  Now I just have to get the other pillow I have been working on finished:

Paper Pieced

Finish A Long 2013 Wrap up

So 2013 has finished (well that was a few days ago actually….) and sadly I was not able to finish all the things on my list.  Christmas, travel and life seemed to take over all that free time I thought I was going to have once exams were finished.

10424-dsc_02732b4I was able to get 3 finishes check off the list:


The mug rugs were finished and sent off with my friend on her Christmas travels

Stars of Seuss

The Seuss Stars quilt was finished 2 weeks before the baby was born and able to be gifted to my coworker before she left work for the holidays (she ended up having a little girl on Christmas Day!).

seuss pod

The Pods of Seuss was finally finished as well and while it is at the house still, I know of a little baby on the way that I have in mind for this one as well now.

While the Christmas Monkey quilt was not finished this during 2013, it is basted and now 1/3 of the way quilted.  It took me forever to decide how to quilt it – I don’t want to know how many days I sat and starred at this quilt trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it and drawing out sketches.  I am happy with what I have picked – now I just have to finish it!

During the entire year of 2013 I was able to finish a total of 11 quilts!  I am happy with this as the fall turned out to be way busier than I had expected.  Not included in that count is all the other projects I worked on during the year, including a Quilt Bee (more on that later), a few rounds of the Scrappy Trip Along swap, a few pillow covers, mug rugs and pin cushions, finished quilt tops and started quilt tops that are sitting in various states of “in progress”.  All in all 2013 was a great year and I am looking forward to an exciting 2014!

Mug Rugs!


A friend of mine had requested some mug rugs to give to some family members for Christmas.  Well her plans changed and she ended up going to Europe to visit her Grandparents for the holidays (yay for her).  In all the haste of trying to get them to her in time, I forgot to take pictures – oops.  thankfully she was nice enough to take a few pictures for me before she left.

image-5 image-6

I did a few different designs, mostly whatever I felt like making when I pulled out the fabric.  Thankfully they turned out okay and my friend was pleased with them!  There is a mix of pieced and raw edge applique.

image-4 image-3

I am thankful I was able to finish these in time for her to take with her, and that I have a another project crossed off my WIP list and for the Finish along 2013.  As an added bonus, I was also able to use up some of my scraps as well.

image-2 image-1

Happy holidays everyone!  Hopefully I will get another finish in before the end of the year, but it is doubtful.


Seuss Stars

Stars of SeussOver the summer I found out one of my coworkers was pregnant.  I of course offered to make a quilt for the little one and got to work on planning.  They did not find out the sex of the baby, so I had to go with a gender neutral colour scheme.  Dr. Seuss is my go to for baby quilts anyways, so I just tried to keep away from too much blue and pink with the quilt.

Cat in the Hat

I cut out some squares from a panel and make wonky stars to go around each panel using mostly Dr. Seuss prints I had.  I then put the blocks on the design wall and started to fill in with the background around them until I had it at a size I was happy with.  The top was actually finished a couple of months ago, and then life got busy.  Marking started coming in and before I knew it we were almost through November.  Then I remembered that the due date of this little was in mid December – uh oh.  So amid the end of term marking I basted, quilted and bound this cute little quilt to insure it got to my coworker before her last exam (as I knew she couldn’t leave until then).

Quilted Star

The quilting came together quickly with a simple stippling with random stars thrown in.  I also love the contrast of the black and white in the star and binding, hopefully the baby finds it interesting as well!

Thankfully I was able to finish and gift this quilt to her the day before her students wrote the last exam of the semester.

Now that the marking is finished and the quilt is off to the soon to be parents I am crossing my fingers for a Dec. 23rd baby (that is my day in the baby pool!) and looking forward to meeting the little bundle in the New Year.

This is also my second finish for the fourth quarter of the 2013 Finish along!  Yay.


Pods of Seuss


Dr Seuss

I can’t believe it has been almost 2 months since my last post – amazing how time flies when you are busy.  Thankfully I have finished marking finals for the semester, and inputted all my marks.  I finally have some time in my evenings catch up of some sewing and get some blogging in.  Remember this quilt from early this year?  Well I finally found some time to get it finished.  The quilting is a pattern of random squares, and the quilt is backed with a fabric from Connecting Threads.

seuss pod

The quilt top was made with scraps of Dr. Seuss fabric that I had left over from the other quilts I have made over the last year and a half or so.  The pattern is Improv Pods from Elizabeth Hartman’s Craftsy class.


This is also my first finish for the Fourth quarter of the 2013 Finish a Long!  Yay!


Finish-A-Long 2013

she can quilt

It is the time of year when the marking is piling up and I am counting the weeks until finals are over – well mostly I am counting the number of assignments until the end of term.  As things get busy I need something to keep me accountable for a few projects.  For these reasons I decided to join up with the last quarter of the 2013 Finish-A-Long.  My list of unfinished projects is really a lot longer than this, but I thought I would try to be reasonable with what I might actually be able to accomplish (along with the blocks for the bees and block swaps that I am currently in).

1.  First up is this cute little quilt (the top is actually complete as of yesterday).  It is made from some Dr. Seuss scraps and solids for a college at work who is due in December.  It needs to be finished before she leaves on maternity leave!

Stars of Suess

2. Mug Rug sets.  I promised a friend I would make some of these for her Aunts for Christmas.  She needs six sets of two before Christmas and so far I have 2 basted, 2 more tops pieced, pieces cut out for 4 more and patters/fabrics pulled for the last sets.  I also have one quilted that is a Christmas present for my brother.

Mug Rugs in Progress

Hexi Mug Rug in progress

3. Textured Baby Quilt.  I have been working on this little baby quilt for a while.  I love the colours and the different textures in the quilt (hence the name).  I have no plans for this quilt other than I wanted to try a project with texture magic.  I am sure someone will have a little girl soon who needs a quilt.

Baby Textures in progress

4. Pods of Seuss.  I first posted this baby quilt months ago.  Since then it has been quilted and the then it sat for another month or two.  I then made the binding and again it has sat for weeks.  I really want to get this quilt into the finished pile for no other reason than it has been patiently waiting its turn long enough.

Bindings in progress

5. Christmas Monkeys.  I love Sock monkeys and made this quilt top back in January after getting my hands of some of this adorable fabric. The top is finished and I have the backing pieced, I just need to find time and space to get it basted. I would love to have it finished to snuggle under for the holidays.

Christmas monkeys in progress

6. Last but not least is a bit of an ambitious project, but I thought I would put it on here so hopefully I get some progress done.  All these little squares are cut out for an Anchors Away quilt designed by Tula Pink.  I know I probably won’t get this quilt finished (it is a queen sized quilt), but it is always good to aim high!

Anchors Away Squares

Well that is my goal, in reality I think I will be happy if I just get the presents finished.

Joining up to the 2013 Finish-A-Long at She Can Quilt.

Elephant Mini


I have been playing around with the idea of making an Elephant quilt for a while now, especially after going to Thailand this year.  When I saw the post about the Holiday Memories Mini Quilt Contest, I decided it was time to get to work and make the quilt.

This quilt brings back memories of one of the best experiences I have had in my life.  While on vacation this year in Thailand, we visited the Elephant Nature Park.  We were able to spend the day with elephants that were wandering around in the valley doing whatever it is an elephant does all day (which is mostly eating).  The elephants have all been rescued from various places through Thailand although most came from the illegal logging industry and street begging.  Many of these elephants have injuries from their lives before the Nature Park, but are still there sweetest most gentle creatures.

Elephants freeFeeding elephants

During the day we were able to walk around the park and meet a few of the elephants.  A few were getting their baskets of fruit so were able to feed them as well.  Below is one of the older elephants in the park and is a one of the few Grandmas!  She was very gentle, but you could feel the strength in her trunk as she took the food from you.  She is the lovely elephant that inspired my quilt.  I will always remember her gentle touch and intelligent looking eyes.


After visiting the Elephants and having lunch, we were able to take some of the Elephants down to the river to give them a bath and then feed them again (they are constantly eating!).  This is one of the days out of all my holidays that I will never forget.  It was fantastic to be able to see some of these lovely creatures being able to wander around freely and not in chains as they are whenever else we saw them.
Bathing Elephants

For the quilt I did a machine applique of an elephant head that I drew out on freezer paper and cut out.  After that I hand appliqued on the ear and eye (with the ear being able to flap like a real elephant ear!).

Elephant mini Ear

For the quilting of the elephant I quilted wrinkles onto my elephant around the eye, ear, neck and trunk like you would find on the real animal.


The backing is a pretty fabric with bright tropical colours and pretty birds that reminds me of many of our tropical vacations over the year.


This quilt was made out of Kona Solids, with a mix of machine applique (elephant), raw edge applique (watermelon) and hand applique (ear and eye).  The mini measures 19″ by 22″.

I am adding this to the Holiday Memories mini quilt competition.  Voting opens soon, so please head over and vote for my quilt as well as checking out all the great minis and pillows that others have made!

My Quilt Infatuation

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